Author Richard Landerman takes random, everyday musings and weaves them together with humor and substance using the common thread of fly fishing. His candid ruminations over such topics as life, death, sex, international politics, dentist’s chairs, religion, art, literature, shaving lotion, lemon meringue pies, moustaches, growing up, skunks, and weather reporters will surely entertain you, cause you to reflect, and most certainly itch to grab a fly rod. The Fly Rod Chronicles is a tapestry of a simple and provident life; an absorbing look back at the sport of fly fishing and one man’s fifty year pursuit of this quiet pastime.
The Fly Rod Chronicles
Richard Landerman


"Reading The Fly Rod Chronicles brought back a flood of pleasant memories and good times that I’ve enjoyed in more than 70 years of fishing, including fly fishing in the Colorado/Wyoming Rockies and many years in Alaska. I couldn’t lay the book down."

Bob Green, Owner/Operator
Alaska Fishing & Hunting Lodge
Richard Landerman is a former attorney ("I used to be a lawyer until God found out and I was so ashamed, I quit!"). He now owns a private merchant banking firm where he devotes only such time necessary to pay the bills and support his fly-fishing addiction. In addition to being an avid fly-fisherman he also plays trombone and leads a neighborhood big jazz band. Besides fly-fishing, his other great passion is writing; he recently completed and will soon publish his first novel, THE MAN FISHER. He also buys, sells and collects bamboo fly rods, and travels frequently with his wife. He lives in Sandy, Utah with his wife, Janet, a former high school teacher, and an overweight Pug, Simon.